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Dog friendly

Pet-friendly luxury log cabins


When planning a self-catering holiday, in a luxury log cabin or luxurious lodge, with the whole family you don't want to leave a vital member of the group behind, you want to make sure everyone has a good time and gets a well deserved break. So if your a dog owner, leaving your canine companion behind might seem a little unfair. Luxury log cabins that are dog friendly are therefore a fantastic option for many families, couples and groups alike. Most luxury log cabins that allow dogs are situated in beautiful areas of countryside which are perfect for exercising your furry friend as well as the kids!



Beautiful National Parks surround a lot of the popular areas for a self-catering holiday so you wont be short of exciting and interesting walks for your pet and the family. There is plenty to see with miles of astonishing hillsides and mountain ranges, forests and lakes. Why not take the kids on their bikes while you take a leisurely stroll through some of the most beautiful and breathtaking areas of the UK. The smallest and hairiest member of the family will love the change of scenery with plenty to sniff out and explore. Be aware of National Park dog walking guidelines however in regards to taking your dog off its lead and other regulations.

Fabulously up-market pine lodges that embrace four legged pets with their master.

dogs welcome luxurious log cabin holidays ukA self-catering holiday in one of these high class pine lodges is a treat to be savoured. Under-floor heating is all the rage; a gentle pervasive heat from the floor upwards. It is a great temptation to join your dog in walking barefoot around this type of holiday home to enjoy the warmth on your toes.

Naturally, the décor has been thought out with furry friends in mind. There is nothing nicer than a comfy bed beside a source of heat on cool days or a soft dog safe chair on the decking to make the most of cooling breezes on hot days in the summer. Pine lodges usually have a wrap-around veranda that offers a shaded place to sit and enjoy the views. The best most lavish log cabin holidays will have good quality drinking bowls, heavy and shiny that a posh dog deserves. There is nothing tawdry and cheap in the holiday accommodation, everything is of the very best quality if not designer. One expects superior when paying higher rental rates.

Style and interior design comes at a price and is necessary to create a log cabin living space that is beneficial for a man and his dog. Both expect their refinement to be catered for. Posh people and their dogs demand high standards throughout a self-catering pine lodge, in the living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. There is nothing worse than a disgruntled guest and his dog and why subject the pet to feel his owner’s annoyance? This is why people who can afford to, choose pet-friendly luxurious log cabin holidays because they know that their high expectations will be met.


Things to do on your luxury log cabin holiday




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