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Hot Tub Holidays |

Many log cabins have got private hot tubs or Jacuzzis within the cabin premises, mostly on a decked or balcony area, sometimes even in a patch of garden. On the other hand complexes tend to provide hot tubs and sometimes swimming pools on a shared basis throughout the complex. Whatever your looking for out of your holiday, no one can deny that a luxurious, hot, bubbling jacuzzi, spa bath or hot tub is a wonderful addition to a luxury self-catering holiday.

Enjoy a romantic evening out on your balcony or deck, submerged in hot bubbles whilst sipping a wonderfully chilled glass of wine or champagne as the sun sets over the stunning surrounding countryside. Relax and have some much needed pamper time to yourself or with your other half while the kids run riot in the gardens and country scenery. You can even get a bunch of friends together to chill and enjoy a cold beer or wine whilst catching up on old times before heading out on a night out.

A luxury log cabin with Hot tub will definitely make you feel like your on holiday and relax you enough so that you can enjoy all your countryside cabin can offer and its surroundings.

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